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Leaf Nightlights

 Discover the most unique and exquisite fancy leaf nightlights crafted from real leaves, preserved and transformed into a beautiful piece of art to grace your home for generations!

Iridescent Leaf Night Lights with Images

 24 Karat Gold Dipped Leaf Night Lights

Our Special Image, 24 Karat Gold and Iridescent Copper dipped Leaf Night Lights begins with a hand-picked, fresh cut leaf carefully selected for their quality, shape, size and color.

Chemically treated leaves endure a very delicate process to strengthen and preserve their natural beauty. Such care and attention results in some of the world's most beautiful Leaf Night Lights, that can literally last forever.

Your night light will arrive in a beautiful gift box.

Gift Boxed Nightlight


Because we use real leaves to make these beautiful night lights, no two leaf designs will be the same.

Silver Maple Leaf Night Lights 

 Pictured above: Silver Maple Leaf Nightlights 

(24 Karat Gold on the left and Iridescent Copper on the right)