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24 Karat Gold Dipped Leaf Nightlights


Assorted 24 Karat Gold Dipped Leaf Night Lights

 Gold Aspen Leaf Nightlight        Gold Cottonwood Leaf Nightlight        Gold Maple Leaf Nightlight

        Aspen Night Light            Cottonwood Night Light      Full Moon Maple NightLight

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        Gold Oak Leaf Nightlight        Gold Silver Maple Nightlights       Gold Sugar Maple Leaf Nightlight

          Oak Night Light        Silver Maple Night Light         Sugar Maple Night Light  

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Cottonwood Leaf Night Lights with Special Images

          Gold Bear Silhouette Leaf Nightlight      Gold Dipped Buffalo Leaf Night lights      Gold Cat Cottonwwod Leaf Nightlight

           Bear Image Nightlight      Buffalo Image Nightlight     Cat Image Nightlight

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          Gold Coyota Cottonwood Leaf Nightlight        Gold Dipped Cupid Leaf Night lighrt         Gold Dipped Elk Leaf Night light

         Coyote Image Nightlight       Cupid Image Nightlight       Elk Image Nightlight

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         Gold Dipped Horse Leaf Night Light        Gold Dipped Innocent Kids Kissing Leaf Night Light       Gold Dipped Moose Leaf Night Light   

        Horse Image Nightlight       Innocent Kids Kissing       Moose Image Nightlight    

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 Gold Dipped Praying Guardian Angel Night Light       Gold Dipped Wild Bird Leaf Night Light       Gold Coyota Cottonwood Leaf Nightlight

Praying Guardian Angel   Wild Bird Image Nightlight    Wolf Image Nightlight

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